Recently, 3D Systems’ latest 3D inspection and metrology software have hit the market. According to its Product Management Director, Scott Green, the Geomagic® Control™ X is a product of a two-decade commitment to creating the best metrology software. He said that it is a convenient and practical solution that addresses the needs of manufacturers in terms of measurement evaluation and analysis.

Green added that those who expect only the best outcomes in metrology work processes can rely on the software as it allows a thorough, accurate, and fast digital inspection. What you get is a complete and advanced software that enhances critical aspects of metrology procedures. Apart from this, it can help generate precise and traceable reports that can be modified to suit specific needs of clients. It is also a tool for ensuring that quality measures are properly documented and implemented.

What’s in store for Geomagic Control X users? Here’s what it can offer:

Synchronized inspection or probing

It allows rapid and precise inspection as the software performs it in a synchronized manner. It is able to produce inspection trees automatically. Moreover, inspection trees are history-based and can be easily edited. Inspections can be expanded to cover entire product components with various measurements and tolerances.

Newly structured user interface

  • The commands and menus are structured to allow ease of use and provide a range of options when evaluating and measuring components.
  • Allows walk-up and pre-planned inspection.
  • Results generation are facilitated by both walk-up and pre-planned inspection.

CAD Dimensioning, PMI, GD&T

Allows more efficiency due to easy dimensioning features. Through PMI support and wide-range GD&T, outcomes are accurately interpreted so stakeholders bear the same expectations.

Analytic capabilities

Production problems can be addressed immediately as the software is capable of evaluating multiple outcomes. Comparing and analyzing data and values could bring about an understanding of what had triggered the issues.

Flexible Report Definition

The process of report definition is flexible enough allowing for easy and rapid assemblage even of unique batches of information.

Allows probing processes using LiveInspect™

Probing processes can be performed in conjunction with LiveInspect. Inspection and reporting (with portable CMM) can be pre-planned while implementation can be set at a future date without compromising credibility.

Geomagic Control X can be used with varied types of scanners including optical and non-contact types available in the market. It also supports a lot of compact probing instruments. Apart from GD&T and PMI data, it is capable of importing CAD files such as those formatted in CATIA, Creo, Solid Edge, and Pro/ENGINEER, to name a few. There are no extra charges despite delivery of CAD importers.

Clients like OR3D are positive about Geomagic Control X. According to its Managing Director, it’s a kind of inspection software that’s easy to understand. He looks forward to impressing OR3D customers as well.

The 3D System’s users who are part of the Maintenance Program has access to this new software.

A Preview of 3D Systems

3D Systems offers a variety of 3D goods and services like 3D printers, printed documents and materials, digital design, and related services. 3D Systems can cater to the health care sector especially those requiring simulation, virtual surgery planning, printouts of health-related instruments and surgical devices. It is capable of providing technologically advanced applications needed in operating rooms and product design stations, among others.

Armed with more than 30 years of experience in 3D printing, it has been a game changer in 3D solutions. It has helped countless companies and individuals manage their work procedures, improve product designs, introduce product innovations, and develop business models.

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