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Over Two Decades of Continuing Innovation in Metrology

For many years now, Aberlink has proven itself as the largest Uk-owned and managed producer of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). Just a few months ago, the firm celebrated more than two decades of CMM excellence, living proof that it has gone a long way since its...

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Israel and Thailand Clinches Distributorship Contract

Aberlink has recently forged two more exclusive distributorship contracts with a firm from Thailand and Israel. It’s a move ensuring a stronger foothold in Asia as well as in the Middle East. Geoworks is a Bangkok-based company which boasts of a ten-year solid...

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The Ace 6-Axis Measuring Arm Gets A Timely Design Upgrade

In most metrology workstations and laboratories, getting the most vivid and extremely detailed reports are critical. That is why the 6-axis measuring arms are used in conjunction with mechanical probing tools in these labs. Kreon has always been developing existing...

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Expect More Accuracy From The New Ace 7-Axis Measuring Arms

Kreon’s Ace large-size measuring arms now come in 4.5m-sizes ensuring improved volumetric accuracy. When it comes to measuring arms, the bigger ones give the best results in terms of accuracy. Kreon always wants the best for its clients that’s why it never stops at...

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3D Systems Completes the Acquisition of Geomagic

Complementary combination enhances 3D authoring platform, creates value and delivers better, more affordable customer experience. ROCK HILL, South Carolina – February 27, 2013 – 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD) announced today that it has completed its previously announced...

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New scanner: the Zephyr II Blue

With the success of the Zephyr II Z2-100, Kreon Technologies offers the Zephyr II Blue Z2-70. Using the proven technology of the first one, the new Z2-70 scanner uses a blue laser in order to be able scan parts that are usually difficult to digitize (dark and shiny...

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