3D Scanning Service

We provide 3D Scanning and CMM Measurement services. Our more than 20 years experience in 3D Metrology such as Coordinate Measuring Machine, 3D scanning and Reverse Engieering etc. We had delivered a thounsand of quaity jobs to all our clients with satisfaction.

3D scanning service

  • Over 20 Years of Experience: GeoWorks has been a leading provider of 3D measurement solutions for over two decades.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge Kreon3D scanners and Kreon ACE portable measuring arms to capture precise object data.
  • The GeoWorks Team: Our greatest asset is our team of passionate professionals who average [20 years] of experience in the 3D technology field. Their combined expertise encompasses:
    • In-depth knowledge of 3D scanning: Our team stays current on the latest 3D scanning technologies and techniques to ensure we deliver the most accurate and efficient solutions.
    • Data processing mastery: Extracting valuable data from complex scans requires a skilled touch. Our experts excel at data processing, ensuring clean and usable 3D models.
    • Reverse engineering proficiency: Our team doesn’t just scan objects, they understand them. Their reverse engineering skills allow them to transform scan data into actionable insights for your projects.

Our 3D sytem:

  • High-Accuracy Scanning: We capture intricate details of objects of all sizes, ensuring precise digital representations.
  • 3D Model Generation: We transform scan data into high-quality 3D models in various formats (e.g., STL, STEP) suitable for diverse applications.
  • Watertight STL Creation: Looking to 3D print your scanned object? We can generate watertight STL files optimized for additive manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering

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