Following the Fulcrum launch, Aberlink embarked on the development of its 3D capabilities, which presented a challenging task as it required maintaining metrology performance while ensuring user-friendliness. To address these challenges, Aberlink designed its own custom star styli, a specialized star stylus calibration procedure, and an intuitive 3D software user interface. Star styli available from leading manufacturers lacked the necessary rigidity and could compromise the Fulcrum CMM’s accuracy, Aberlink’s bespoke styli ensures excellent metrology performance and accessibility to side-face features measured in the X-Z or Y-Z projection planes.

Aberlink has now launched a full 3D upgrade package for the Fulcrum CMM.  Existing customers can purchase this upgrade package and new customers can order the 2.5D (vertical stylus) or 3D (star stylus) Fulcrum machine.  This 3D capability will significantly increase the versatility and appeal of the Fulcrum CMM for shop floor measurement.  Aberlink has also enhanced the 3D scanning capability of the Fulcrum CMM, for reverse engineering and CAD Comparison applications.

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