GeoWorks for applications.


The aviation industry places strict requirements on composite materials that are exposed to high stresses and still have to be permanently free of changes and that’s exactly what our systems can reliably verify.


The V-STARS systems are photogrammetric coordinate measurement systems that use single or multiple digital cameras to obtain images. The images are processed to obtain spatial threedimensional coordinates.


KREON has the complete 3D scanning solution for all your automotive industry needs. We take pride in our metrology standards and make sure that you are meeting all the proper tolerances.

Art and sculpture

When reproducing works of art and sculpture, a high precision of the provided digitizing data is essential. Our systems perfectly meet these requirements.

3D inspection

The density of information and speed of data acquisition combined with best-fit algorithms allow to save a lot of time.In addition, a program for automatic control will be much easier and faster.

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