The aviation industry places strict requirements on composite materials that are exposed to high stresses and still have to be permanently free of changes and that’s exactly what our systems can reliably verify.

Messier Bugatti Dowty (SAFRAN group)

World leader in landing and braking gears, Messier Bugatti Dowty use Kreon scanners Zephyr and Zephyr II, to inspect landing gear parts.

At the site of Bidos (Oloron Sainte Marie, France) and Queretaro (Mexico), Kreon scanners are used to control the main parts (swing-bars…) of the landing gears.

The Kreon scanners are interfaced with measuring arms, allowing to control in workshop background, but also on a driven CMM, for programmed measurements.

Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is one of the major companies in the worldwide aerospace industry.

The Dassault company uses Kreon scanners on several sites to control areas outside and inside the air defense fuselage or Falcons.

Kreon scanners together with measurement arms and software help the development of devices and also allow to control the finalized assemblies with a very high accuracy.


Airbus company relied on Dufieux Industries (manufacturer of special machines for the aeronautic industry) and on Kreon Technologies, in order to set up auto-adaptive machining systems on the production site.

The final goal was to machine parts of the fuselage of the new Airbus A380 in very large sheet metal. Even though they are held by the machine, the sheet metal parts may be deformed, so it was necessary to measure the deformations in order to correct the toolpath.

This has been made possible thanks to the integration of the Kreon technology directly inside the machine tool; the whole system being driven by a programmable logic controller.

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