KREON has the complete 3D scanning solution for all your automotive industry needs. We take pride in our metrology standards and make sure that you are meeting all the proper tolerances and requirements needed to build and inspect a vehicle from start to finish.


In 2007, Skoda (Volkswagen group) planted two new production sites, one in India, and one in Russia.

Skoda was looking for flexible, automated and efficient solutions for measurement. So, they opted for Kreon scanners, to control sheet metal and stamping parts. The scanners are either mounted on 7-axis measuring arms to be handled by operators or follow programmed measures in Metrolog.

This process enabled Skoda to set up a simple and scalable scanning solution of measure thanks to laser scanning; programs being written by super-users and carried out by operators on the production line.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson have chosen the Kreon scanners to control the quality of metal frames, tubes, castings, formed parts, tooling, dies, etc. related to the manufacturing of their famous motorcycles.

Some parts are scanned and compared to existing CAD models, while some others are digitized to create their CAD models from the scanned point clouds.


PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) opted for the Kreon scanners to equip six production sites in France.

For reverse engineering applications Kreon Zephyr scanners bring the guarantee of easy digitization of physical parts and modification of prototypes, while their use during the demanding inspection processes makes it possible to monitor deviations between the produced engine parts and their theoretical CAD definition.

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