See below for application report describing the V-STARS engineering measurement



Engineering Applications for V-Stars Measurement

Two areas were measured as part of the V-STARS demonstration. Each area had two pipe flanges that required measurement.

The primary objective of these measurements was to determine the centre point of the pipe flanges as well as the coordinates of four bolt holes for each pipe.

Equipment Used

  1. V-STARS S8 INCA3 Camera
  2. Scale Bars
  3. AutoBar
  4. Coded targets
  5. Single dot targets
  6. Edge targets

Measurement Objectives

  1. Demonstrate INCA3 camera use
  2. Determine location of key centre points
  3. Create planes, circles and lines



The necessary targeting for the measurements was very similar for both areas. The targeting used for the first measurement is shown below.

  1. AutoBar for initial coordinate system
  2. Reference coded targets to tie photography together
  3. Two scale bars
  4. Single dot targets
  5. Edge targets

Measurement Statistics

Area 1 Area 2
No. of photos 70 No. of photos 42
No. of points 377 No. of points 156
Accuracy RMS X,Y,Z
X 0.016mm
Y 0.017mm
Z 0.010mm
Accuracy RMS X,Y,Z
X 0.023mm
Y 0.015mm
Z 0.016mm
Scale Agreement = 0.010mm Scale Agreement = 0.020mm

The diagram below illustrates the geometry used to create the point cloud for the first and second area.

Area 1 Network – Top View

Area 2 Network – Top View


The measurement undertaken has shown that V-STARS can be a very powerful measurement tool. The results of the measurement undertaken were very accurate and produced quickly.

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