Geoworks conducted Geomagic Design X Training: A Resounding Success!

Our recent 2-day intensive Geomagic Design X training course held at the Thai-German Institute in Chonburi province was a resounding success! Attendees enjoyed a comprehensive learning experience, mastering the skills to edit point cloud data, generate solid models, and reverse engineer existing parts with Geomagic Design X. The positive feedback from participants highlights the value of the training.

Earning Certification & Exploring New Skills

We’re thrilled that all participants successfully completed the course and earned their Geomagic Design X certification. This valuable credential validates their expertise in the software, opening doors to exciting new career opportunities. The complimentary 30-day licenses for Geomagic Design X provided a fantastic opportunity for attendees to put their newfound skills into practice and explore the software’s full potential.

Stay Tuned for Future Training Opportunities!

We are committed to empowering professionals with the latest 3D design skills. Stay tuned for announcements about future Geomagic Design X training courses! In the meantime, feel free to contact us for any inquiries you may have about Geomagic Design X or other training programs we offer.

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