Following the excellent reception of the Zephyr III 50 and Zephyr III 150, the Zephyr III 300 is joining the Zephyr III range and promises to bring unprecedented productivity to your CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) with its wide 300mm laser line.

                 Large-scale measuring machines dedicated to the inspection of very large parts, whether they are gantry or horizontal arm systems, with a granite table or free-standing, will benefit greatly from the increased productivity offered by the Zephyr III 300 scanner. The automation capabilities of the Zephyr III contribute to supporting this maximum productivity, both through hardware compatibility with the ACR3 auto-change rack and the motorized PH10 indexing head, as well as software compatibility enabling machine control and data processing in a single software. The Zephyr III 300 scanner can also be used with Kreon Ace and Onyx measuring arms. Particularly on arms, especially larger arms capable of scanning parts up to 5m long, a 300mm laser line proves to be particularly valuable.          

And other techniques exist for larger or non-standard parts: leapfrog scanning, which involves moving the arm around the part to be measured, or Track Ace, a solution that combines the Ace arm with a laser tracker. Like other scanners in the Zephyr range, the Zephyr III 300 can be used on robots and machine tools, making it a versatile tool that guarantees optimal performance in various contexts and applications.

The Zephyr III range is now complete. Alongside the accuracy-focused Zephyr III 50, the agile Zephyr III 150, and now the fast Zephyr III 300, it provides an answer to all requirements in terms of 3D acquisition and measurement, catering to the needs of every project. 

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