GeoWorks list of products.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Aberlink’s CMMs and innovative metrology products are renowned throughout the world for being easy to use, great value for money and providing customers with measuring solutions they can trust. We design and manufacture products that increase component through-put and remove inspection bottlenecks, helping to exceed quality requirements.

Portable Measuring Arms

We have a range of other accessories which can be delivered with an arm. You can see the recommended examples of tripods, which are helpful for stable measurements.

3D Laser Scanners

Kreon Technologies was the first to develop blue laser technology. Its main benefit being the ability to scan reflective surfaces without damaging them or using any surface preparation materials.


Geodetic Systems, Inc (GSI) is the world’s leading firm in Industrial Photogrammetry. They have been providing a wide variety of photogrammetric measurement services for over 35 years.

Inspection Software

Metrologic Group specializes in the design and manufacture of industry reputed 3D inspection software and electronics. Metrologic is renowned to be an excellent point cloud analysis software with large capabilities in metroloy inspection.

Reverse Engineering Software

Geomagic organic 3D engineering systems transform the way designs are brought to life and meet the spectrum of design needs. Freeform provides the precision, tools and interoperability required for manufacturing product design, while Geomagic Sculpt is geared towards simpler but fast organic design to 3D print. Each system supports a variety of digital workflows along with other 2D and 3D tools.


Whether you are in the market for Portable Tripods, Rolling Stands, Magnetic Mounts or other related accessories we have you covered. Our line also includes Calibration Cones, Leap Frog (Move Device) Spheres and Cones, and accessories for 3D Laser Line Probes and 3D Laser Scanners.
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