Whether you are in the market for Portable Tripods, Rolling Stands, Magnetic Mounts or other related accessories we have you covered.

OEM Replacement Faro Probe and Custom options for your Faro Arm probe. MetrologyWorks provides a complete product line of replacement probes, styli, and accessories for Faro Arm Portable CMM’s at significant savings.

Portable Arm Ball Probes and Styli for Faro Arms

We offer a variety of probes from direct OEM replacements to our own proprietary Carbide Extended Probes and Carbon Fiber Extended Probes. We use the best quality materials we can find to ensure that the products you receive perform as well or better than the OEM products you are used to.

MetrologyWorks can provide substantial savings your next Faro Arm probe. When it comes to unusual and unique probes and accessories we have the largest selection of ball probes and styli for contact measurement. This includes standard length rigid probe configurations and extended length styli in a variety of materials. We also stock leapfrog spheres and cones, magnetic mounts, rolling tripods, portable stand and a number of other portable CMM accessories.

MetrologyWorks manufactures ball probes and styli that fit all FARO arms. Give us a call to discuss the ball probe you are in need of. All compatible arms are listed in the table below.

With straight probe bases, 90 degree, and 45 degree probe bases in stock, MetrologyWorks can provide any tip geometry on any stylus with quick turnaround times.We also provide probe repair services and tip replacement.

We specialize in a Carbide Extended Probe as well as 90 and 45 Degree and odd sized probe balls. Many of these are custom designs, and all of them were created specifically to fit or adapt onto a Faro Arm. We offer a variety of ball materials including Zirconia (Zircon) and 440C Stainless (Hardened).

Let us know if there is a custom stylus you want to have built. Once we understand your application, we can ensure that the arm probe will meet your needs.

Brand Arm Series  Arm Model
Faro Arm USB Prime
Faro Arm USB Quantum
Faro Arm USB Platinum
Faro Arm USB Fusion
Faro Arm USB Power Gage
Faro Arm USB Gage Plus
Faro Arm USB Gage
Faro Arm USB Titanium
Faro Arm USB Advantage
Faro Arm USB Digital Template
Faro Arm USB Gold
Faro Arm USB Silver
Faro Arm USB Bronze
Faro Arm USB Sterling
MW Probe Part Number Faro Thread size Cross Reference Number Probe Descrition
PRS-6MM-ZIR M6 Probe PROBE0067 6mm Zircon Ball Probe
PRS-3MM-ZIR M6 Probe PROBE0065 3mm Zircon Ball Probe
USB-PRS-6MM-ZIR 1″-1/4-20 Probe 12454


6mm Zircon Ball Probe
USB-PRS-3MM-ZIR 1″-1/4-20 Probe 12453


3mm Zircon Ball Probe

Laser Tracker SMRs & Ball Probes

MetrologyWorks provides a full line of Laser Tracker SMR Ball Probes. SMR stands for Spherically Mounted Retroreflector.

Every SMR is compatible with all OEM Laser Tracker s including FARO, API, and Hexagon ( Leica ).

We Currently offer 3 Laser Tracker SMR Versions in 3 Sizes

Glass Element SMR: made up of 3 separate pieces of glass. Drop the SMR once, buy a new one.

Rhino Series Inserted SMR, Single Piece Aluminum Insert. We have assembled this SMR in a way that the insert will not come out. When you drop the competitions they shift or pop out after a few short drops. With our Rhino Series SMR, Drop, Pickup, and Measure on. You get the performance of a solid SMR that is much more affordable.

Solid Break Proof SMR, Solid Ball that is Coated. Drop this SMR as many times as you want these SMR s are bullet proof

There are three SMR sizes that we offer in each of these versions:

  • 1.5″ SMR – 1.5 inch SMR
  • 0.875″ SMR – 0.875 inch SMR
  • 0.5″ SMR – 0.5 inch SMR

Other common names for SMR include TMR, CCR, Ball RetroReflector, BMR , RetroReflector, Ball Corner Cube.

We more than likely have the SMR / BMR that you need in stock for overnight delivery. We understand that when you need one, you urgently need one.

Consider a hard case for the SMR / BMR of your choice as part of your purchase. We have a case that will house two SMR /BMR of any size, 1.5, .875, .5 .

Also checkout our complete line of Laser Tracker Tooling and Adapters. We stock many of the common size pin nests, drift nests and Tooling Kits. Others can be produced quickly.

1.5″ Laser Tracker Ball Probe Rhino Series Tough Probe – Standard Accuracy

The Rhino series Rolling Metrology Stand was designed with rigidity in mind. It features Heavy Duty three quarter inch tripod bolts.

Metrology Rolling Stands, Portable Tripods, and Mounts

It features Heavy Duty three quarter inch tripod bolts, it also features an extended bearing surface for the bolts so they do not rock and wobble at the top of the casting like on other stands on the market, this combined with a machined jam nut surface leads to super rigid bolts that are the interface to the ground for the Metrology Grade Rolling Stand. It is also designed to allow you to pull the top casting off to service the system over time.

The Rhino series features a next-generation seal that will not corrode or dry out over time like older generation leather seals. The upper casting has an extended clamping area and a reinforced backbone to ensure that this upper support casting is rigid. It provides the upper stability and is cut nearly in half so the reinforced backbone is a must when dealing with heavy and moving instruments. The design integrates a place to mount an adjustable laptop arm which works well when using portable CMM arms. On the upper flange and the base, there are some accessory holes so that custom plates and customer specific parts can be bolted on.

The center lift plate is Stainless steel and includes access to the fix tube bolts so the stand can be assembled and disassembled easily for shipping purposes. 9 Bolts and the Rolling Stand will ship flat. The base receiver adds rigidity to the bottom casting joint and also adds some weight for added stability. The combination of features make this the toughest Rolling stand on the market which is why it has been added to our Rhino Series. Only our toughest products get the Rhino emblem.

Laser Tracking Tooling & Accessories

MetrologyWorks provides a full line of Accessories for Laser Trackers as well as Laser Tracker Tooling and Adapters.

This includes Drift Nests, Permanent Monuments, Pin Nests, Edge Nests, Hidden Point Bars. You name it we make.

If you need something custom we can provide custom Laser Tracker Tooling as well.

Bullseye Laser Tracker Tooling is compatible with all OEM Laser Trackers.

BullseyeTM Series Tooling – “Never Miss your Mark”TM

We Currently offer 3 Sizes of Laser Tracker Tooling that are compatible with all SMR’s

Tooling, Adapters and SMR Holders come in these three sizes

  • 1.5″ SMR
  • 0.875″ SMR
  • 0.5″ SMR

Laser Tracker Monuments (Drift Nest’s)
Available in 3 Ball Sizes and Multiple Materials

Laser Tracker Pin Nests
Available in 3 Ball Sizes and any Shank Size

Keep us in mind for our line of Rolling Stands, Tripods, and other Accessories. They are compatible with all Laser Trackers.

1.5″ Ball Probe Seat Monument – Basic (Non Hard Coat)

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