Coordinate Measuring Machine

Welcome to Aberlink Innovative Metrology.

The largest UK-owned manufacturer of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), vision systems and 3D measurement software.

Making measurement easy since 1993 – Aberlink’s CMMs and innovative range of metrology products are renowned throughout the world for ease of use, affordability and for providing industry with measuring solutions they can trust. Entirely British designed and manufactured, Aberlink’s leading-edge CMMs increase component through-put and remove inspection bottlenecks, helping you exceed quality requirements.

Why Aberlink?

For over 28 years Aberlink CMMs and metrology solutions have been designed, manufactured and built to exacting specifications in the United Kingdom.

Cost of Ownership

Aberlink do not charge for annual software maintenance contracts and keep annual service and calibration costs to a minimum.

Ease of Use

Due to its easy to understand graphical user interface, our industry-standard Aberlink 3D software is widely considered to be the most user-friendly measurement package available.

Reliable Accuracy

Aberlink CMMs built over 20 years ago, continue to see daily use by busy inspection departments, all while providing the same precise results as when they were first installed.

Fulcrum CMM - Accurate Inspection

The Fulcrum is a revolutionary manual CMM, by employing a three rotary axis design, Aberlink have created a compact and portable design enabling it to be used where it is needed, on the shop floor near your machine tools.

Extol CNC CMM - Precision measurements

The Extol is a revolutionary shop floor CNC CMM Designed for robustness and reliability, the Extol CMM will run around the clock making it ideal whether it is positioned next to a machine tool, in a manufacturing cell, or used in a dedicated inspection area.

Axiom too Manual and Axiom too CNC CMM

The Axiom too range of manual CMMs are an inexpensive solution for one off inspection. The high quality shop floor design features Aberlink’s easy-to-use software and the unique option to upgrade to full CNC at any time.

Axiom too HS - High Spec CNC Shop Floor CMM

The Axiom too HS is the high specification variant of our acclaimed Axiom too CNC CMM. Through greater accuracy, higher acceleration and faster travel, the Axiom too HS makes inspection bottlenecks a thing of the past.

Horizon - Linear Drive Revolution CNC CMM

The Horizon CMM breaks new ground in design and innovation using frictionless linear drives, which are the key to its fast and exceptionally smooth motion.

Azimuth - Rapid, High Accuracy Large Volume CMM

The Azimuth has the largest measuring volume in the Aberlink range. With outstanding performance, accuracy and value-for-money, it is the perfect solution for measuring parts up to 6000kg in weight.
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