Coordinate Measuring Machine

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Xtreme CNC CMM - Precision measurements

The Xtreme is a revolutionary shop floor CNC CMM designed using a non-Cartesian structure and utilising linear motors and mechanical bearings.

Axiom too Manual and Axiom too CNC CMM

The Axiom too range of manual CMMs are an inexpensive solution for one off inspection. The high quality shop floor design features Aberlink’s easy-to-use software and the unique option to upgrade to full CNC at any time.

Axiom too HS - High Spec CNC Shop Floor CMM

The Axiom too HS is the high specification variant of our acclaimed Axiom too CNC CMM. Through greater accuracy, higher acceleration and faster travel, the Axiom too HS makes inspection bottlenecks a thing of the past.

Zenith 3 - High Speed, Medium Volume Shop Floor CNC CMM

When reproducing works of art and sculpture, a high precision of the provided digitizing data is essential. Our systems perfectly meet these requirements.

Azimuth - Rapid, High Accuracy Large Volume CMM

The Azimuth has the largest measuring volume in the Aberlink range. With outstanding performance, accuracy and value-for-money, it is the perfect solution for measuring parts up to 6000kg in weight.
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