Ace measuring arm, portable CMM

Kreon Ace measuring arm, portable CMM.

Ace measuring arm, portable CMM

The 6- and 7-axis Ace measuring arms, were developed using innovative technology and high-quality materials. Their modern design makes them capable and attractive. Moreover, you can use Ace portable CMM with our scanners: Solano, Solano Lite, Solano Blue, Zephyr II and Zephyr II Blue.

Due to the temperature regulation, the Ace arm adjusts to thermal variations. Therefore, with the Ace portable CMM system you are able to work both in your metrological lab and in your workshop. The integrated battery allows you to work with freedom either with Solano/Solano Blue or with the probe. The wireless connection (Wi-Fi) or the Bluetooth technology also allow you to work free from cables for probing applications. This model is very suitable for thai industry.

Ace 6 axes

While you generally work with a 6-axis arm for probing, sometimes you require scanning the items for reverse engineering or fast inspection. Our 6-axis Ace measuring arm enables you to do both.

Ace 7 axes

Using a 7-axis Ace arm brings you more flexibility and precision for capturing complex geometrical details. Moreover, the ergonomic design allows you to scan easily for long periods.

Ace arm sizes

To better serve our customers we have developed a range of 6- and 7-axis Ace arms from 2 m to 4.5 m working volume.

When choosing the best Ace portable CMM for your application, a combination of working volume and accuracy should be considered.

Ace+, the best of ACE and even more

The ACE range comprise two models: the ACE and the ACE+ measuring arm. Working with the lastest encoder technology, the ACE+ arm also boasts an advanced calibration method, ensuring exceptional levels of performance.

Technical specifications

Ace 6 axis

E UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
ACE-6-200.035 mm0.010 mm0.016 mm0.033 mm0.020 mm
ACE-6-250.039 mm0.012 mm0.019 mm0.038 mm0.025 mm
ACE-6-300.058 mm0.018 mm0.028 mm0.053 mm0.033 mm
ACE-6-35 0.070 mm0.021 mm0.037 mm0.068 mm0.042 mm
ACE-6-400.082 mm0.025 mm0.043 mm0.086 mm0.051 mm
ACE-6-450.090 mm0.029 mm0.048 mm0.100 mm0.069 mm

Ace 7 axis

E UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
ACE-7-200.037mm0.012 mm0.020 mm0.044 mm0.022 mm
ACE-7-250.041 mm0.015 mm0.024 mm0.055 mm0.027 mm
ACE-7-300.069 mm0.020 mm0.035 mm0.081 mm0.042 mm
ACE-7-350.079 mm0.024 mm0.041 mm0.095 mm0.054 mm
ACE-7-400.094 mm0.029 mm0.048 mm0.115 mm0.066 mm
ACE-7-450.114 mm0.045 mm0.060 mm0.125 mm0.078 mm

Ace+ 7 axis

E UniP SizeP FormL DiaSPAT
ACE+7-250.033 mm0.012 mm0.022 mm0.047 mm0.025 mm
ACE+7-300.057 mm0.017 mm0.030 mm0.074 mm0.039 mm
ACE+7-350.067 mm0.021 mm0.037 mm0.089 mm0.045 mm
ACE+7-400.084 mm0.026 mm0.042 mm0.105 mm0.054 mm
ACE+7-450.105 mm0.040 mm0.051 mm0.114 mm0.067 mm
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