Onyx measuring arm portable CMM


A better definition of 3D measurement.

The Kreon Onyx measuring arm is the epitome of high performance. It guarantees 3D measuring of parts and tools with an unprecedented level of accuracy.

Versatile with the ability to measure by probing or with a 3D scanner and equally suitable for use in a measuring lab or workshop, the Onyx portable arm is perfect for all sorts of applications (quality control, reverse engineering, etc.) and industries (automotive, aeronautics, etc.). Plus, its light weight and ergonomic design make the Onyx measuring arm exceptionally easy to use and provide unparalleled productivity gains.

The best of scanning with Skyline scanners

Perfectly integrated into the Onyx measuring arm, Skyline three-dimensional scanners provide high speed, resolution and precision for scanning all kinds of parts in record time. Industrial parts, regardless of their size, can be scanned easily and in minute detail.

Kreon counterbalancing

Users particularly appreciate Kreon’s internal counterbalancing because it provides the perfect balance between firmness and flexibility. A lighter arm makes for even easier use.

Secure rest position

A soft fin cushions the arm’s return to its rest position. A magnet then secures the arm in its rest position and prevents it from swinging forwards.

120° range on axis 2

The large range of axis 2 allows the arm to reach very low areas. A particularly useful feature for tool inspections.

Handle lock

To prevent the handle moving along the arm, it is fixed by magnet to axis 2. Locking it in position like this prevents, for example, the scanner hitting the arm.

EasyClip removable handle for
increased flexibility

The handle on the Onyx 7-axis arm can be removed to allow measurement in cavities and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. The handle is attached and removed by simply pressing the button on the end of it.

Intuitive control

Scanning and probing operations are controlled intuitively using highly responsive buttons located in ideal positions on the handle.

Secure hold

The handle grip offers a secure hold, essential for preventing slipping during prolonged use of the arm.

Repeatability of the Renishaw interface

The probe can be changed without recalibration thanks to the repeatability of the Renishaw interface. The arm automatically detects the probe being used.

Improved ergonomics for greater productivity

Light weight

With light handling and flexible counterbalancing, the measuring arm helps the user work effortlessly. It makes measuring 3D parts for hours a breeze.

EasyClip removable handle

The handle on the Onyx 7-axis arm can be removed to allow measurement in cavities and areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Freedom of movement

Infinite rotation axes offer immense freedom of movement.

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