CMM Retrofit & Upgrades

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) comprises several subsystems and the condition of each of them must be carefully evaluated before we propose the best upgrade or retrofit for that specific machine.

A CMM software upgrade is defined as replacing the existing CMM software with new but retaining the existing CMM controller. A CMM retrofit is defined as a complete CNC Controller and Software exchange which can also encompass replacing the measuring scales and rewiring of the machine. When considering an upgrade, software is often the tool most in need of an update. On the other hand, the older the machine the more thorough the retrofit.

Discover how an upgrade or retrofit could help your organization drive manufacturing productivity and streamline your 3D metrology process.

Breathing New Life into Your CMM: The Power of Renishaw and Metrologic for CMM Retrofits with Geoworks Expertise

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of your measurement processes is paramount. Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) are the workhorses of quality control, but even the most reliable CMM can become outdated over time. Fortunately, a CMM retrofit offers a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a completely new machine.

What is a CMM Retrofit?

A CMM retrofit involves upgrading an existing CMM with new hardware and software components. This can significantly enhance the machine’s capabilities, accuracy, and overall performance.

Why Choose Renishaw and Metrologic for Your CMM Retrofit?

When it comes to CMM retrofits, Renishaw and Metrologic are industry leaders renowned for their precision technology and innovative solutions. Here’s why they’re the perfect combination for breathing new life into your CMM:

  • Renishaw’s Innovative Hardware Solutions:
    • REVO® 5-axis scanning systems: This revolutionary technology allows for high-speed, high-accuracy scanning of complex geometries, significantly improving measurement throughput.
    • PH20 touch-trigger systems: Renishaw’s touch-trigger systems provide exceptional accuracy and reliability for traditional CMM applications.
    • Brand Agnostic Compatibility: Renishaw’s retrofit solutions are compatible with a wide range of CMM brands, making them a versatile choice.
  • Metrologic’s Advanced Software:
    • Metrolog X4 software platform: This powerful software seamlessly integrates with Renishaw hardware, offering intuitive controls, advanced measurement capabilities, and comprehensive reporting tools.
    • High-Speed Contact Scanning: Metrolog X4 facilitates high-speed contact scanning, further enhancing the efficiency of your CMM operations.
    • Digitalization and Advanced Measurement: The software enables digitalization of parts for comparison with CAD models and supports various advanced measurement techniques.

The Combined Benefits of Renishaw and Metrologic:

By combining Renishaw’s cutting-edge hardware with Metrologic’s advanced software, you can achieve significant improvements in your CMM’s performance:

  • Enhanced Measurement Accuracy: Renishaw’s high-precision hardware combined with Metrolog X4’s robust algorithms ensure highly accurate measurements.
  • Increased Speed and Throughput: REVO® scanning systems and Metrolog X4’s optimization features significantly reduce inspection times.
  • Expanded Measurement Capabilities: The combination enables the measurement of complex features and geometries that may have been challenging before.

ME5009: New generation DCC controller

The ME5009 has a totally new internal concept that will provide enhanced calculation time, machine speed and an overall smoother machine motion. It is also important to mention that it will even be easier to install and tune-up.
  • Fast: capable of high speed contact-scanning
  • State-of-the-art developed for optical laser scanning probes
  • Universal: fully compatible with all type and brand of CMM
  • Ergonomic: Specific keyboards developed especially for Metrolog SW use Wireless Bluetooth capable Keyboards available
  • Reliable: use of proven technologies combined with 30 years of experience
  • Easy: Metrotune SW for quick and easy installation

ME5009 main characteristics:

  • TCP/IP connection to PC
  • Very high rate point acquisition for high speed scanning (optical and analog probes)
  • Built-in PH10™ Probe Head controller
  • Dedicated signals for optical laser probes
  • 5 Servo-Controlled Axis (3 + 2)
  • Increased speed, improved positioning, smoother overall machine motioning
  • 3 extra signal inputs for Scanning Head (SP 80) or Gantry style machine
  • Scales having built-in end switches are supported
  • Handling of Renishaw™ PICS interface

Rapid scanning measurement and digitalising with SP 600, SP 80 and SP 25

  • Works with our 3D inspection software: Metrolog XG, Metrolog X4 and X4 V5
  • Measurement of prismatic features in continuous mode at high speed with a high number of points
  • Scanning of unknown surfaces (digitalisation, reverse engineering)
  • Measurement of surface part using CAD files (projection into CAD)
  • Compatible with ME 5007 and ME 5008 controller by adding of an interface board

ME 5009 Lite CNC universal controller for touch trigger CMM

  • All-in-one: ME 5009 Lite integrates all necessary features such as probe head interface, servo power amplifiers allowing to lower overall cost and size.

DCC Joysticks and Keyboards

ME471 Wireless Joystick With LCD color screen

ME670 Portable Joystick

ME6700 Keyboard

With integrated 12″ LCD color screen (resolution 1024×768)
Among all the improvements made to this new single stick keyboard, here are some of the main advantages:

  • Large color LCD screen: better contrast and brightness
  • 16 programmable functions keys
  • New handling for menus and quick access for PH10 motorized head
  • Self-test functions (keyboard, joystick …)
Available for the Wireless version only:

  • Intelligent charging circuit: charge only if the battery is discharged
  • New transmitter/receiver: more signal sensitivity
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR certified as well as complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules
  • New Lithium ion battery with up to 20 hours non stop autonomy
  • Estimated 3 years battery life – Up to 2000 charge cycles
  • Battery supports partial charges
  • Maintenance: Display information about the charger status, battery and wireless module

The ME471 has exactly the same compatibility with existing Metrologic DCC Controllers.

**ME471 Joystick also exist with cable

All these devices are fully compatible with our 3D inspection software solutions.

Metrologic Manual Counting Systems for a manual CMM retrofit

Counting PC board ME 533 (PCI Express)

  • 3 Axis Counting board
  • use one PCI Express bus and one USB port
  • Any type of encodersSinus or Square wave)
  • Maximum interpolation up to 200 X (sine wave)
  • Input for touch trigger 3D probe
  • Fully compatible with our 3D inspection software: Metrolog XG

Counting Box ME 3008 for manual CMM

  • 3 Axis Counting box for any type of manual CMM
  • Any type of encoders: Sinus or Square wave
  • Maximum interpolation up to 200 X (sine wave)
  • Connection to PC via USB
  • Input for touch trigger 3D probe
  • Power supply included
  • Fully compatible with our 3D inspection software: Metrolog X4
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