The Mulhouse plant, affiliated with the Stellantis automotive group, a leading global automaker, has successfully upgraded its CMM part measurement process.          The plant originally used CMMs to measure parts with probes, but this method had limitations, such as being unable to cover the entire area, unable to detect certain defects, and taking a long time. To address these challenges, the production engineering team looked for a new solution and found that the Kreon 3D scanner, specifically the Zephyr III, was the best fit.

Benefits of the Kreon Zephyr III

  • Compatible with Metrolog X4 software
  • Fast and accurate
  • Covers a wider area.
  • Detects a wider range of defects.
  • Requires less maintenance

Results of using the Kreon Zephyr III

  • Parts up to 800 x 500 mm are quickly scanned with the Zephyr III 150.
  • Improved measurement efficiency with updated programs.
  • Reduced the need to rewrite programs each time.
  • A single operator can control two CMMs simultaneously.
  • Reduced costs and saved time.

Reasons to choose the Zephyr III 3D Scanner with Metrolog X4:

  • Better defect detection
  • Automated inspection
  • Easy and quick measurement programs
  • Convenient report generation
  • Easy report review through the internal system
Kreon Stellantis 2

3D technology is revolutionizing manufacturing. Industries are increasingly turning to this technology to improve production processes. The use of the Kreon Zephyr III 3D Scanner will help factories upgrade their part measurement, resulting in improved production efficiency, reduced costs, and better-quality control.

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